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Since 2018, The Malicote Creative Company has been honored to serve a diverse range of business owners through custom branding and website design. Take a look at some of our recent clients.

If you’re ready to tell your story like these businesses, we would love to hear from you!


Through purposeful and heartfelt branding, we are on a mission to help a wide range of clients elevate their business and grow to new heights. We serve all types of industries and business sizes. Our clients range from Photographers, Wellness Professionals, Medical Professionals, Finance Professionals, Non-Profits, Wedding Designers, Coaches, Caterers and beyond.

When working with our clients, we aim to become their guide, keep it simple, and set them up for success all while being their biggest cheerleaders!

Creative Branding Company Fitness Client
Creative Branding Company Event Coordinator Client
Creative Branding Company Business Coaching Client
bluegrass greetings
Creative Branding Company Hair Stylist Client
complete chiropractic family and wellness
Creative Branding Company Conference Client
Creative Branding Company Non Profit Client
Creative Branding Company Physical Therapy Client
leslie jarvis and co
Creative Branding Company Corporate Client
Creative Branding Company Etiquette Client
Post-Partum Telehealth Client
Retail Consulting Client
the gathering place lexington ky
Financial Branding Client
CPA Firm Client
Wedding Coordinator Client
Wedding Planner and Coordinator
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Very professional team and absolutely fantastic work! We love our new website they built from scratch, the pictures they took for us were amazing, and the branding/social media training we received will be vital as we continue to grow our non-profit. We are so thankful we found Malicote Creative Co. and highly recommend them!

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Book Your Branding Team
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