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The Malicote Creative Company branding process has been created to focus on clear communication, client education, and intuitive design. We blend meaningful and functional into one killer brand. Your branding should reflect the goals and values of your business, honor where you currently are at in business, and prepare you for where life takes you in the future.

With business development at the core of our services, we act as more than just your design team, but as your business consultants for any ideas or questions you might have about your brand’s design or development – on or off the web.

Here’s what we can do for you:
Brand Development, Web Design, Social Media Education, and Content Photography

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  • Initial Consult: Let's chat to see if we're a good fit (we can tell you now, we are!)
  • Proposal + Contract + Deposit: So, we're a match made in heaven. Time to get the technicalities squared away.
  • Strategy + Heart: It's time to do the heartwork! We'll dig into your business and what makes it unique to develop the perfect brand for you through our personalized branding meetings.
  • Content Development + Photoshoot: Here comes the fun part! Ready to create killer content for your website?! We will style and curate beautiful photos for your website PLUS assist you in creating content!
  • Brand Presentation: This is when we bring your brand to life! During your one-on-one presentation we will show you brand concepts that have been created just for you!
  • Website Development: It's time to put your new brand to use in the form of a custom website!
  • Brand Launch: It's time to let the world know who you are!
  • Resources: After your brand and website are launched, we'll share helpful tips so you can spread your wings and fly!


branding services
  • Custom Branding & Website ServicesOur custom branding and website services have a timeline starting at 8 weeks with an investment beginning at $6,500.
  • Custom Branding ServicesOur custom branding services have a timeline starting at 4 weeks with an investment beginning at $1,500.
  • Social Media EducationOur Social Media Education Experience includes Branding, Custom Social Media Plan and Content Photography. The timeline for the project starts at 4 weeks with an investment beginning at $2,500.
  • Content PhotographyOur Content Photography packages are so much more than photos! We create a Custom Timeline, Style Board, and of course, the Photos! Your investment begins at $650.
  • The Social Method is a Brand and Social Refresh Experience for the Modern Creative. This bundled service is where branding meets content photography meets social media education. Your investment begins at $4,100.

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  • You are a business owner that wants a brand that you both love and are proud of. You are not only looking for clarity in your business, you want your brand to be seen and easily understood by others.
  • You are a business owner that wants to truly connect with your customers and clients. You want to serve your people in the best ways possible, you just need help figuring out how.
  • You want to start, build, or continue to maintain a successful brand built on the foundation of your "why." You are looking for someone who can help guide you on how to build a "heart-based business."
  • You are looking for growth in a sustainable business. One that is not only a dream, but a source of income to provide for your family and the lifestyle you envision.
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“Kelsey and Victoria are your hype girls. The ones you need to really jumpstart your business and have someone else not only believe in you, but give you the tools to make your business a reality! Having a brand and website that you’re proud of is something so important to have and these girls will make it happen! I could not recommend them enough and can’t wait to work with them again in the future!”

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