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The Malicote Creative Company branding process has been created to focus on clear communication, client education, and intuitive design. We blend meaningful and functional into one killer brand. Your branding should reflect the goals and values of your business, honor where you currently are at in business, and prepare you for where life takes you in the future.

With business development at the core of our services, we act as more than just your design team, but as your business consultants for any ideas or questions you might have about your brand’s design or development – on or off the web.

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Don’t let a partially created brand and website stop you for reaching your dreams. We’re here to help you do *the thing* through creative branding, and photos that tell your business story. Oh yeah, we also really love teaching on internal business processes and social media too. Sister, we want to help make YOUR dream come true. Click the service below to review what it includes!

Custom Branding

What does custom branding include?! It includes a Brand Guide featuring a Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Alternative Logo, Logo Mark, Brand Inspiration Mood Board, Typography Pairings, Custom Color Palette with Printing Codes, Target Audience Definition, Articulation of Brand Voice, Keywords to Define Business, Breakdown of Industry & Business Obstacles, and Business’ Intention & Values.

Simply put, your Brand Guide details your visual identity, along with guidelines for communication. It sets forth rules for your logo use, font type and color, typography, and tone, along with the your mission statement, positioning, identity, and values.

Social Media Education

Our Social Media Education sessions include a Social Media Audit Session. This is where we dig deep into your social media and fully customize a plan that works for you and your business. Next up, we have a full Social Media Education sesh. During this time we review your customized social media plan teaching you have to maximize social media along with all of our guidelines and strategies for growth.

Oh yeah, we also give you A TON of complimentary items like custom iPhone presets, free courses, and guides.

Content & Brand Photography

We love a good content or brand photography session. These sessions include a Custom Brand Photoshoot Inspo Board, Photoshoot Timeline, Photoshoot Location & Provisions Lists, Gallery of Digital Images, and Photo Rights. We plan every minute of the session so we capture as much content as possible for you and your team.

The Social Method

This bundled service is where social media branding meets content photography meets social media education. Are you a small business owner who is ready to level up your social media presence? The best way is to create a cohesive brand, capture photos that tell stories, and build a strategic social media plan. During this day long session, we cover social media branding, social media strategies and guidelines…plus all the latest tips and tricks. AND then you have a full content photo shoot. It’s truly the complete package.

Business Coaching & Consulting

Ever felt like you had a plan, but didn’t know where to start? During these sessions we do a deep dive to understand your vision for your life and your business moving forward. This will help us make a plan to help you succeed! Then it’s time to review a custom strategy for you to move forward with grace. We help you plan where to start and where to go…one step at a time.

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Let’s chat for 30 minutes and discuss your goals.


We’ll send you a custom proposal to review.


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Our 1:1 brand meeting will reveal what makes your business unique.


We will work on designing logo concepts for you to review. 


During this 1:1 meeting we will present you brand concepts.


Choose your logo concept and we will make any final touches.


We will style and curate photos for your website and social content.


It’s time to share your business with the world! Let’s do this! 

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  • You are a business owner that wants a brand that you both love and are proud of. You are not only looking for clarity in your business, you want your brand to be seen and easily understood by others.
  • You are a business owner that wants to truly connect with your customers and clients. You want to serve your people in the best ways possible, you just need help figuring out how.
  • You want to start, build, or continue to maintain a successful brand built on the foundation of your "why." You are looking for someone who can help guide you on how to build a "heart-based business."
  • You are looking for growth in a sustainable business. One that is not only a dream, but a source of income to provide for your family and the lifestyle you envision.
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Kelsey and Victoria are your hype girls. The ones you need to really jumpstart your business and have someone else not only believe in you, but give you the tools to make your business a reality! Having a brand and website that you’re proud of is something so important to have and these girls will make it happen! I could not recommend them enough and can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

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