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You make me brave

Feb 4

This blog post isnt really the norm. Its isnt all rainbows. But it does end with one!

This is more of a post about reflection…about where i’m coming from and my predictions on where we’re going.

Sometimes i think we forget what the real end game is….or maybe our end games just look differently depending on the day and where exactly we’re standing.

So, here’s mine.

What i do: Take pictures

But why: Ha! Because I want to show people how happy they can be. Especially if they aren’t… because this job is a lot less about the final product and a LOT more about whats happening in between. Dont get me wrong, i want my work to speak volumes & show off how pretty you are right now! It’s just….it’s kind of more than that at this point. I’m more interested in whats on the inside. I think thats why i donate sessions so much. Because sometimes its about the hugs your baby gives you when you dont have any hair left after Chemo. Its about smooching your mama while youre wearing a wedding dress before she passes away even though you arent even engaged….not for the photos…but for the moment. Or how about the little girl who has an incurable illness but refuses to lose joy?! How about when her mama hugs her and dances with her in the bed?! Stop it! Go ahead and shed a tear…thats the reason we’re here…. love one another..thats what Jesus said.. Let’s do more of that.

So no, i dont do this for money…I dont do this just to take pretty pictures. I do it because sometimes the big stuff….well we forget to document it the right way. & i dont mean in the “Hey, look at the camera, we need to stick this in an album at grandmas house. This way we dont forget what you looked like when you were 10.” kind of way…. What i’m saying is.. I want to be there,catching the millisecond  when people arent looking, seeing the real you, the real family dynamic, if you need to scream, then scream! If you need to cry then do it! For heaven’s sake, stop posing and start living. Thats what im here for. To make people go and live! That’s why i do this. That’s what i think people love after the fact.

We are living in a world full of posed moments for iphone pics and family formal photos…. let’s get those few posed shots in the beginning and start focusing on real life. So, in 2016 i’m taking this to an all new high with family photos & i’m going to post more of those moments…the ones that MATTER ,yall.

I’m going to be brave because my fear is more about not doing what i’m meant to do… of being inactive…not of failing. I’ve been there, failure is no longer a part of this equation. & im soooooo ready to see other people be brave right along side me. Raising people up and yanking them into the boat so that we can rise on the tide & get to somewhere BETTER. Where people care about one another. To keep lifting people up, because thats literally my purpose for being here. Pictures, thats the icing on my crumbly cake & i’m so proud of were i see it going.

So,January was like a dry run and the next 11 months are bout to be mine. I’m comin for ya!

Bring it.

But really, it’s already been brought it!

-The fearless kickass verson of Kels