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Aug 15

Today you’re here! You’re alive and you’ve made it to 9:17am without any crisis! You got yourself up. Made your boo’s morning coffee and lunch. Sent him out the door then Snuggled your baby for 5 short minutes. And in the mix you somehow tricked her into drinking milk in exchange for juice immediately after. You’ve dressed yourself and even managed to brush both your and your daughters teeth AND hair. This Monday’s got nothin’ on you mama!

You load your tiny human into the car and race out of the driveway ready to take on the day. First stop, your sitters house. She’s so amazing to you & your girl and you know she loves being there! Yet there’s a little twinge of pain that comes from knowing all the firsts you might miss by leaving her there. You get a biiiiig goodbye kiss then hug after hug as she runs away and then back to you after every step you take closer to the door. She asks to go with you and you try hard to explain to a 20 month old that Mommy has to work today. She says “Ok” without really knowing what that means and then watches you as you close the door behind you.

Now you’re off to the races. A quick stop for Starbucks. Partially for caffeine, but mostly just for a little sense of community. Those girls have gotten you through a lot over the past few years. Long days, days that are too short or too rushed…. They’re your homegirls. The ones who helped get you through a miscarriage and a healthy pregnancy. They’ve been your morning cheerleaders for nearly 5 years and you get something so amazing from them without doing a single thing for them in return. These women….they’re a little reminder of Jesus and a much needed calm in an otherwise whirlwind of a day.

After your few minutes of grace you jump back into the car and it’s on to your first event of the day. You meet your clients who usually have cute little kiddos running around with them. You play and take pictures hoping to catch the essence of what their family is all about. You jump up and down and cheer and clap and race and tickle and then after an hour or so You part ways. This…..this is what fills your tank. This is why you do what you do. And there it is…your why!

Back in the car you go, now feeling confident in yourself and your decision to be a working mama! On to the next! This time it’s a Newborn. And here you are, snuggled up in a very warm room with a tiny human who makes you instantly reminisce about yours when she was that little. Wait, was she ever that small? Suddenly you’re aware of how hazy that time in your life was. SHEW! That was quick. Back to reality now, you take some time just to remind that new mama that this part of parenting is a phase. And while it’s HARD and slightly exhausting, it is SOO worth it!!! You encourage her because you know how much just a reminder that normal life will come back around soon means to a tired new mom.

Snuggle snuggle. Smooch smooch. Swaddle and Canoodle a time or two, then out the door you go. Excited as usual to get to your iMac and upload today’s snaps!!

Time’s a wastin’!! Drive fast to your office (grab a late lunch if you remember which you totally won’t) Pull into the drive. Walk in and it’s quiet. Whoa….Unusually so… it’s just you and suddenly you realize that this. Is. Your. Time. Work time, edit time, shower time if you dare hahaha Either way you spend it. This time is yours. Ok GO!!! Load cards, make yourself some tea! (The crystal light instant packs. Who has time to steep the real stuff?) Then up the stairs ya go to hit it HARD. The computer is churning and you’re laying out cards in their order to load while making yourself a checklist opening up your latest wedding to cull and glancing at email. (All at once by the way!) Hold the phone….you pause for a sec, look up and see that canvas of your sweet family staring back at you. Blow them a quick smooch and put your nose to the grindstone!! It’s just two hours until time to get your babe and hopefully her daddy will be home by around then too!! Tonight it’s just the three of you. Family time!!!!! He knows how busy you are. So, in an attempt to show you he really does notice how hard you work he grabs the girl and they’re home!!!!! Surprise! & Hallelujah!!!!

No work tonight. Just making dinner together. Watching Let it go for the 10,000th time (that’s Frozen in toddler language for those who don’t know! And by the way I do enjoy the movie!) Your favorite part of it all is that she wants to “hold you” while she watches. This my friends…..I’m pretty sure if you could bottle up this feeling you could sell it and be the richest gal on the planet.

Up stairs ya go. Past the office,down the hall to the right and here you are in her domain. All white and pink and soft and fuzzy, it’s just cozy in here. It’s her room. Her place to exist. And rest. And it’s that for you too. This is where she lets you really hold her. It’s time for jammie’s so you have your nightly power struggle.(she doesn’t have those with daddy) She tells you no 10 times while doing barrel rolls and somehow You now have a diaper stuck in your hair and she’s bare booty making laps around her crib! Don’t you dare pee on that rug!!! Baby 1 Mama……Zip Zilch Nadda.

Eventually You trick her into jumping into that now less sticky (bc of the hair) diaper and into her chair you go! The sound machine is bumping to a heartbeat rhythm and you finally sink it.

It’s been a day. She’s missed you and You have surely missed her. She grabs your face a few times. Smooches ya. Maybe smacks you once or twice then says she loves you. You know she means it. She rocks for a while then points to her bed. In she goes. But does she go down? Come on! It can’t be that easy! Up she pops! “Mommyyyyyy I wanna eat. I need juice.” She said. Ha!! Now she’s starving??? Ok rip your heart out! “Wanna go?? My daddy? I want my daddy! Read a book?” And then here it comes… “Mama I want youuuu I wanna hold you!” And just like that you’re back in the chair…,Next time you’re wise to her tricks so you slip out extra fast leaving the door barely cracked.

Down the stairs you run. Monitor in hand. SOO READY for some QT with your favorite boy. Couch time. Snuggle snuggle. Cereal. Bed. Then repeat.

Maybe there’s a little beauty in the everyday. They aren’t all easy. Yet each one has its hard and really Good moments! So, hey there working mama. I see you. I see you choosing your family when you head out the door. I see you proudly providing for the people you love. You are doing the very best you can. I’m pretty sure if they could, your babes would tell you how much they love and appreciate you for every single bit of it. Keep your head up. Hustle on. And remember. You’re fighting the good fight! Love always wins.