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Why You Should Take Family Photos

Sep 26

Besides The Fact That I Love Them…

Being photographers means we love photos, that’s pretty obvious. But you can bet every year that I ask other photographer friends to capture OUR moments, just like I get to capture yours!

Although Matt loves to be behind the camera, he sometimes can be a picture avoider (like really babe, another photo?) And of course Myla, while a complete ham, is too busy running around enjoying life to actually sit still for a moment. That means family photos don’t happen as often as you’d think for us. Yet, every year, I make a point to capture the three of us.

And here’s why you should make it a priority for your family too:

  1. You have too much going on to try and document every stage. Seriously though. None of us have the time in our day to day grind to stop and capture every growing and changing moment for our family. You want to actually enjoy your life and be in the moment. Not stress that you didn’t get photos for every celebration.
  2. Your kids are growing, and it’s not something you can stop. One day, I’m going to look around and Myla is going to be a teenager. So long terrible two’s (actually, no really, so long… I can do without some of this phase!) But for real, one day she is going to be all grown up. And I’m going to want the days of cuddles on the couch to come back. And same for your little ones. You’ve got to soak in the memories of them now, because Lord knows they won’t be little for long.
  3. It’s the one time you can look like a put together family (ha, but really.) Getting yourself together in the morning is one thing, let alone trying to get your whole squad to prepare for the day. Half the time, Myla walks out of the house in her PJs or wants to wear two different shoes (some battles you just let slide.) But hey, that’s life. Even if it’s just for one day, you can capture what looks to be a put together family.
  4. Your life may not be perfect, but it sure is beautiful. Because the truth us… it is. And it’s worth capturing. And you deserve to have a lifelong reminder of the beauty that fills your days.
  5. If that weren’t enough, just scroll through the Johnson’s family photos below. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!