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What to Share?!

Jul 25

I’ve been racking my brain lately trying to decide just how much personal information I want to put out there via this blog. I asked multiple people in this profession how they gage what info to do or dont post online to keep their professionalism. After getting advise from them I quickly realized….. This blog is about US! I believe that if we post about ourselves and our photography maybe it’ll give our clients and prospective clients a little insight into who we are as people! Why not use this blog as a sort of try before you buy menu of who we are and the work we do?!

With that said I’ve made the conscious decision to blog it ALL!!!! If you’re interested in the crazy life that we lead, our English Bulldog Moose and the art that we create on a daily basis please go ahead and follow us! If you’re a prospective bride use this blog as a tool to see if you think we’ll be a great addition to your wedding or if we just wont fit. (Usually we fit great!! 😉 Just an FYI!) Take a look at who & what stands behind the lens!

+++Weight Lifted!+++