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We’re ready for you 2014!

Jan 2


I’m quite the list maker. I just realized that if i include this list that would make 7 total 2014 goals/plans & dreams lists ive made! ha! Time to compile them. All i really know at this point is that i’ve decided to really live in 2014!! To STAY POSITIVE…to be UPLIFTING to the people close to me & to REACH OUT to those who arent….To BE CONFIDENT in myself & our decisions…. To realize that if you’re doing something RIGHT there will always be opposition….& to LOVE, really really LOVE on my man, the people i count as blessings, those who can be categorized as my “Opposition” & on the people of this city! Warm whispers carry hearts out of the dark!

2014 is shaping up to be a big year in the Malicote household! We have so many plans and about 1,000,000 things we’d like to see happen in 2014. Here are a few!

It’d be REALLY nice to get back to Europe this year! God willing we’ll be visiting the sinking city sometime in the next 365 days! It would be EVEN BETTER if we found a couple to shoot while we’re there!! Maybe even a wedding! :))))))))) Wouldn’t that be a dream come true. #Bucketlist Yep!

Kels (that’s me) is planning to go on a mission to Haiti with a client to shoot some weddings and just everyone we meet :):) !!!! This should be it’s own post but i’ll get to that when things get a little closer & all the details are ironed out!!

We’re planning on really focusing on the parts of this business we LOVE & finding ways to make those our main focus! Mostly we just love LOVE & we want to focus on finding the best ways to show ours &  yours off to the whole world