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Learning and gardening

May 7

Where your focus goes, that’s what grows. Wether its negative thoughts about yourself or tending a garden. If you spend time focusing on it, it’ll grow…

We’re trying to teach Myla how to do two things this summer. First grow a garden and and Second, to love herself just how she is.

Its a strange world we’re living in, and as we raise a tiny human we see it more and more. Myla is 3 and a half as of 3 days ago. What a sweet little milestone! She’s starting to tell us stories and draw more complex pictures and dream about going to Disney and even school! But, there’s other things she’s learning too…things I was hoping to protect her from.

Lately she’s been saying things…. Things like ” Hey Mommy, I’m not pretty because my hair is like this.” or “I can’t be a princess because I don’t look like she do’s.” Or even, ” I can’t have an Elsa braid and that makes me no a princess.”

As i’m sure you can imagine, it wrecked me. Her curls, the thing she’s most complimented for….it’s already a source of negative feelings for her… SHE’S THREE YOU ALL. THREE! She already feels “different.” She’s already saying she wants to change herself to be like everyone else. Thats not the reality I want me daughter living in.

So, we decided to plant a garden… To grow tons of plants (too many, probably) in one raised bed that are all kinds of kinds. They all grow together at different paces while in the same space. Some things can be harvested (eaten in the yard without being washed) sooner, while others need weeks or even months to grow and make something we can eat.  They all have something in common though. They flourish or shrivel based on the water and sunlight and soil they’re given. They are all so different yet all need the same things to survive. Like us.

What I’m learning is, the world doesn’t have all the control over our littles…..its the attention and time we give that makes certain traits grow… its us that makes them confident or insecure… its us who gives them wings or lets their little grapes die on the vine. Its us, us who pour into our tiny humans to grow them up into women and men who are confident in who they are and what they believe in. We are the sun. We choose to take on that role. To allow their little lives to revolve around us. & it’s us who make the difference.





All this time

The sun never says

To the earth,


“You owe me”



What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the