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Mama & Me Minis

May 18

One of the things you hear me talk about a lot is my “why.” Why do I run this crazy pace and work so hard and give it all I’ve got every single day? For me the why is Matt & Myla. They’re my world. But it’s also about sessions like this. Capturing these moments and being able to give people these memories to hold on to just fuels me. These sessions melt me, y’all. We decided to do something for single mamas a while back that would give them a chance to be in front of the camera for once. When we shared our hearts on this, our neighbor, Mackenzie and our home girls Allison and Dana from The Pink Lou Lou Design Studio partnered with us to serve these sweet women and their littles.

Mamas, we see you. We know you give it all every day and you don’t ask for anything in return. This was our little way of trying to give back. This Mother’s Day weekend, we celebrate you. Now let’s snuggle!