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Liz & Thomas Engagement

Dec 19

Liz and Thomas had a beautiful wedding that we can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, we’re throwing it back to their light-filled spring greenhouse engagement session. Being a natural light photographer, shooting in a greenhouse is pretty much a dream for me. Liz and Thomas are such a sweet couple. Their proposal story in Liz’s words melts my heart. Enjoy their engagement photos and look for their wedding on the blog soon!

Liz says:

“It started when he took the week off of work and spent it in Chicago with me. I still had to work so the week was planned to be very low-key. While I was at work he used some of my old painting supplies to paint a picture of the location we went to on our first date. That weekend we went back to visit that spot and I brought a tripod to take some cool photos. We set the camera up to roughly the same angle he had painted and started the timer. He got on his knee right before the camera went off so we got my (obviously shocked and excited) reaction on camera! We then went to see Charlie and tell him the good news and when we walked into his apartment all of our closest friends (some from across the country) were there for surprise #2! THEN, for surprise #3, I was shown to Charlie’s closet in which a fancy new dress, shoes, and purse were waiting for me! Thomas had picked them up and delivered them to Charlie earlier in the week. I changed and we all went to a big dinner that Thomas had set up at a great restaurant right up the street. It was such a memorable night and I couldn’t have been more excited to know I was marrying this amazing man.”