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Little reminders

Dec 27

So every year i try to come up with a small gift for Matt that will remind him of just how blessed and loved he makes me feel. This year i was down to the wire. I had decided to try and finish every wedding and session atleast 5 days before Christmas so that everyone could have their photos before the holidays to share with family & give as gifts. This was EXTREMELY ambitious considering I had 6 weddings and about 40 sessions in the editing que waiting for my undivided attention. After setting this slightly unrealistic goal for myself i sat down and got right to it. I was working 14 hour days keeping myself focused with tunnel vision and lots AND LOTS of coffee & snackwell cookies! Yes those are my favorite cookies on the earth and yes i dip them in my coffee…. Judge me!

After busting my HUMP for days on end i realized i didnt have much time before Christmas and i knew i needed to get Matt something “With a moral” as he would call it! So, off to etsy i went! I was looking through their gift guides and purchasing random things like gun shaped soap and Wild Man bread oil/ conditioner when i came across something a little different. A spoon.

I studied the concept of a “Message Spoon” for quite some time before deciding to go with it. Ya see, Matt wakes up VERY early most mornings. I say most loosely….he is waging a war with his alarm clock and he often times sleeps a “little” longer than he should! But, that’s beside the point! ha 🙂 Anywho, on those weekday mornings he wakes me up so that i can make him a quick cup of coffee before he heads out for the day. Him & i both agree that this is our favorite part of our days. Not because we’re doing anything amazing but because it’s our time together before the stresses and pressure of the day catch up to us. 10 minutes of uninterrupted time together before the rest of the world comes knocking!

Some days he must think im cuter than others when i’m sleeping so he lets me keep sleeping and makes his own coffee. On those days we dont exchange any sweet words. When i saw the spoon i suddenly thought about those days. How he’s so considerate of me, but i want him to know I’m still thinking about him. So i bought one! & i put my own special message on it! “Good Morning Merpy” I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the word Merp even means. Honestly, i have No idea. All i know is what i feel when he says it and what i mean when im saying it! We usually call each other “Chump” but occasionally we come up with new random words of endearment and this is our current one!

Needless to say he loved it! I was slightly worried but, as usual, it was for no reason! They do say, “Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.” I think i’ll try to stop! 🙂