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Leighton Newborn Session

Jun 13


If there’s one thing that always brings purpose to this business it would be Newborn Sessions. I never realized how much they would teach me about life until they crept into my schedule almost weekly. They have taught me so much about enjoying the small and the big things.

They remind you that they are the ones in control. While we may want to move and adjust and disturb their moment, they want to stay in it and soak it up just a little bit longer.

They have  taught me what it means to live in the now. Not tomorrow, not the hours ahead, but the very moment I am in.

 They have taught me that nothing is impossible. If you limit your beliefs, you are simply limiting yourself.

They have taught me about my faith. In the moments that I feel worn out, spent, exhausted, and terrified, newborns remind me to press deeper into the love of Jesus. Because Jesus is powerful in my weaknesses.


There’s more faith, more hope and more love than I could have ever imagined wrapped up into each Newborn Shoot.

And it starts with tiny little toes like these.

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