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L + N Home Lifestyle Session

Jun 9

There’s a common misconception when it comes to photographers. Because truth be told, none of us truly believe we are “just photographers.” Whenever I get behind the camera, I’m reminded that I am story teller. And this story – it’s one that I just love!

Lauren came into my world at the beginning of this year, and has quickly become one of my favorite humans and creatives to bounce any and every idea off of.

Recently, her husband Nolan and her moved into their new home. When she asked me to photograph a lifestyle session to celebrate their new adventure of homeownership, I of course said “Heck YES!!!”

What happens when you have a quaint little 1950’s Cape Cod, two happy hearted individuals, and 8 furry paws trying to steal the show?

You get some unplanned, big-smiling magic… that’s what!!