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Kens + Dustin 10 Year Anniversary

Jul 21


A Marriage More Beautiful
Than Your Wedding


This statement is one that hits home with me – big time!

I first set out to write this blog post on the importance of marriage after the wedding is all said and done. Lucky for me, Makensi’s words were even better than what I set out to say. I decided to just let you read them for yourself!


“Dustin and I have beaten all the relationship odds, I feel. We started dating when I was only 14!!! July 14, 2007 (TEN YEARS AGO) I took his last name … and he took my attitude and neediness without a second thought. I love this man more than I ever thought possible, and he proves to me daily that love is worth a battle. And that marriage is about love, patience and experiences. It’s not a lie when I say 16 years together, ten years of marriage, mortgages and two kids later, this man STILL gives me butterflies.”


If I could shoot more of this, then I would truly be living a dream. I am so thankful for clients that are a reminder to me of the important things in life.

Kens and Dustin – thank you for loving one another with that roof-top yelling, I don’t care who hears kind of love. The world needs more couples like you, to remember that love grows stronger with time, laughter, commitment, and a whole lot of hard work. But the outcome, is far worth it.


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