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Giants fall

Jan 3

There’s a girl i know who…well, she’s kind of a badass. Shes recently become partner at her firm, while raising a sweet baby girl and she’s a wife…a good one! She gives and gives and doesn’t seem to ask for a whole lot. & she’s fighting. Its a big fight and some people in her situation just might have lost hope. Not her, not this girl. You see this rare illness she has well, she knows something many don’t…. You dont have to have the biggest stone. You dont have to have all the odds in your favor. All of the statistics in your corner….just one thing, FAITH! I’ve avoided this post for nearly a month because, well, its hard to write about something real. I can fluff the heck out of a family session anyday. I can talk about pretty details and how amazing my job is until my face is blue. But, this, this is what’s real. This is me taking just a minute to just say “GO BECKY!!” You freaking go kick some ass! Dont look back, do not pass go, maybe collect the $1,000,000 but then jump right back on the track and keep running towards your goal! This is my chance to stand up and say that YOU are a serious inspiration. You are going to WIN & i know it!!! The stones inside your hand might be small, but watch those giants fall! I love you sweet mama! a WHOLE BUNCH!!!! & i cant wait to cheer you on through remission, a bone marrow transplant, then onto your full recovery! I cant wait to be there on day 101 when you can go anywhere you want and dance around because you will have beat the odds! That will probably be the best photoshoot of my life! So, strong girl, here’s to you! Here’s to YOUR FAITH & the way you’re constantly inspiring me. Pushing me to be present & appreciative of the little things without even knowing what you’re doing. Here’s to you fighting the good fight! & here’s to you WINNING!