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Deacon Hospital Newborn

Jun 21


There’s a specific moment I would imagine almost all mothers goes through. And that’s the initial moment fear greets itself, as your family grow’s by the addition of one.

I have always feared the thought of being able to wholeheartedly love not one, but two children equally. For so long, you become momma and baby bear. You love on your first born with full attention. You become adventurers, confidants, cuddle partners, and bed time storytellers to your beautiful tiny human. And it’s the two of you against the world. (Well, of course there’s daddy too. But come on, we grew them in our bellies for 9 months… that’s saying something!!)

The thought of changing that dynamic can be filled with both excitement for another baby, and (naturally) fear.

Sessions like this one remind me of the unshakeable bond that happens from the moment siblings meet for the first time. As I photographed the newborn hospital session of Deacon, that fear immediately washed away and I began to see the bright future of the Collins’ family… as a party of four!

Big sister –  you are going to love this little addition to your family so well. The way your eyes lit up at the first sight of him, and the way you gently loved on him from the very beginning melted me entirely!

Momma and Daddy – welcome to a life with full hands, and even fuller hearts.

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