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Mama & Me Minis

Lifestyle, Mini Sessions

One of the things you hear me talk about a lot is my “why.” Why do I run this crazy pace and work so hard and give it all I’ve got every single day? For me the why is Matt & Myla. They’re my world. But it’s also about sessions like this. Capturing these moments […]


Ashley + Joe: Shaker Village Engagement

Engagements, Lifestyle

Love in a salon. These two met in the salon where Ashley works. She was drawn to Joe instantly and he to her.  I don’t think they had any idea it could be more……but it proved to be everything. My mind was blown by the end of this engagement session. I want photos just. like. […]


Why You Should Take Family Photos


Besides The Fact That I Love Them… Being photographers means we love photos, that’s pretty obvious. But you can bet every year that I ask other photographer friends to capture OUR moments, just like I get to capture yours! Although Matt loves to be behind the camera, he sometimes can be a picture avoider (like […]


Pennebaker Family


This weather, and the fact that it’s September 1st, has me reflecting on all of the incredible sessions I got to shoot this summer! There’s just something about that carefree summertime feeling, that brings all the joy and ease when shooting lifestyle sessions. Endless amounts of fun and laughter filled my summer months. I am […]


Kens + Dustin 10 Year Anniversary


A Marriage More Beautiful Than Your Wedding   This statement is one that hits home with me – big time! I first set out to write this blog post on the importance of marriage after the wedding is all said and done. Lucky for me, Makensi’s words were even better than what I set out […]


Hayden’s First Birthday


Do you ever just sit in amazement at your little ones as they run around? When I first became a momma, I had NO idea what motherhood was going to look like. I have a feeling many of you out there can relate. And the thing is – I still don’t know. But what I can […]


L + N Home Lifestyle Session


There’s a common misconception when it comes to photographers. Because truth be told, none of us truly believe we are “just photographers.” Whenever I get behind the camera, I’m reminded that I am story teller. And this story – it’s one that I just love! Lauren came into my world at the beginning of this […]


Sweet girl

Lifestyle, Newborns

I am SOO EXCITED to share these & this sweet baby girl!!!!!!!!!! Gah!    


(love and a great cocktail.)

love is all you need.